Insurance Companies ~ Police ~ Prosecutors
An Unholy Alliance

Even your saintly grandmother knew insurance companies are in business to not pay claims.  There is a growing trend for insurers to avoid paying legitimate fire claims by accusing their policyholders of arson.  Police and prosecutors have been only too happy to help, since in many instances their paychecks are funded by the insurance companies.   Even when the relationship among them is covert, state investigators and fire marshals often report to the state insurance commissioner.  Insurance commissioners are subject to heavy lobbying by the insurance industry and work hand-in-glove with them.

Paul Camiolo's ordeal is a worst case scenario.  He lost both his parents in a tragic fire, then at the urging of State Farm Insurance Company, Paul was charged with capital murder and arson.  Did Paul's exoneration even put a dent in this practice?  Of course not.

Cynthia Efaw of Bucks County, Pennsylvania is a more typical victim of this unholy alliance.  A home she owned and rented to her daughter was destroyed by fire.  Fortunately, there were no injuries.  State Farm Insurance accused Cynthia of arson and insurance fraud, and basing his case on the insurer's allegations, Bucks County First Assistant DA David Zellis issued criminal charges against her.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that it is acceptable to criminally prosecute people based on insurance company allegations.  Follow Cynthia's story in news reports published by the Bucks County Courier Times.

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These are not isolated incidents.  They happen every day to people around the country.  Many of them are not as fortunate as Paul and Cynthia because they are convicted of crimes they didn't commit -- crimes, in fact, that never happened in the first place.

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