A Shocking Expose of Prosecutorial Misconduct

The Chicago Tribune recently conducted an investigation to isolate the worst kind of cheating in the most serious cases, homicide convictions nationwide that were thrown out because prosecutors failed to disclose evidence suggesting innocence or knowingly used false evidence. The study covers 36 years, going back to a 1963 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Brady v. Maryland, that explicitly prohibited prosecutors from suppressing evidence favorable to a defendant for purposes of determining guilt or imposing a sentence. 

Truth in Justice presents excerpts of the  reports that resulted from the Chicago Tribune investigation.  As you read these reports, remember ~

  • This can and does happen anywhere.  It is not simply "a Chicago problem."
  • It can happen to YOU.
The Verdict: Dishonor Prosecution on Trial
A "True Patriot" Reversal of Fortune
Flip Side of a Fair Trial Break the Rules, Be Promoted
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