Published on Thursday, March 19, 1992
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 Byline: By Joe Beck Courts reporter

 The sentencing of a convicted rapist, robber and burglar was delayed Wednesday by Dane County Circuit Judge Robert Pekowsky after the prosecution accused the defendant of issuing death threats and trying to hire a hit man from the county jail.

 Assistant District Attorney Judy Schwaemle accused Anthony Hicks of making death threats to his lawyer, Willie Nunnery, and trying to hire a hit man to kill his victim.

 But Nunnery said Wednesday night he was still representing Hicks and had never heard of the accusations until he appeared at Wednesday's hearing with Hicks.

 ``Notwithstanding any allegations made in court today, I still have full faith and confidence in Mr. Hicks' innocence and I will continue to stand by him through this judicial process,'' Nunnery said.

 District Attorney William Foust said the victim has left town out of fear for her safety.

 Foust said Hicks has not been charged with additional crimes because most of the evidence has come from an informant in jail.

 ``We explored various ways to get that informant out of jail and to allow that informant to appear to be in a position to implement Hicks' plan by allowing him to receive money,'' Foust said. ``We weren't able to do that, and we weren't sure if the informant was willing to do something like that, so we thought it it best to just use the information the way we did today.''

 Pekowsky ordered the sentencing delayed for 20 days to give Nunnery and Hicks' other defense lawyer, Stephen Hurley, time to respond to the new allegations.

 Hicks, 27, is accused of entering the victim's apartment on Schroeder Road Nov. 15, 1990, and raping her after wrapping a scarf tightly around her neck. She let him into the apartment after he asked if he could use her telephone.

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