Attorney: New evidence proves innocence

Travis Rowley

Travis Rowley

Michael Lee

Michael Lee

Clifton Bloomfield

Clifton Bloomfield
Oct 17, 2008

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - An attorney defending two people accused in the deaths of an elderly couple said another person's confession last year proves her clients' innocence.

Traveling salesmen Travis Rowley and Michael Lee are accused in the deaths of Tak and Pung Sil Yi, who were killed in their home last December.

Last week, Clifton Bloomfield confessed to killing the Yis, along with three other people. He was sentenced earlier this week to 195 years in prison for the murders.

On Friday, Rowley's and Lee's attorneys received a copy of the confession and statements Bloomfield had made.

Lelia Hood, one of their attorneys, said Bloomfield's testimony, confessions and DNA evidence could clear the two men of the charges.

"There is only one person's DNA there at the crime scene, on these people's bodies, and that is Clifton Bloomfield's," she said in court.

Investigators said they are still certain Rowley and Lee were involved in the crime.

The two each face more than 50 criminal counts, including murder, rape, burglary and battery.

Bloomfield's attorney said she had wanted the evidence suppressed until he could be transferred out of state, because she said Bloomfield's life is at risk.

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