Bad Faith

A Promise of Justice:
The 14 Year Fight to Save Four Innocent Men


David L. Protess and Robert Warden

© 1998 Hyperion

Courtroom Crusaders

Learn how Dave Protess and Rob Warden began their battle to free the wrongfully convicted. 

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Riveting  ****      Denyce Ganzel

A PROMISE OF JUSTICE is a first rate report of the highest order which chronicles the 18 year fight to free 4 wrongfully convicted men, two from Illinois Death Row, Dennis Williams and Verneal Jimerson.

This book was co-authored by David Protess and Rob Warden.  Their investigative reports reveal how the justice system allowed the investigating officers and the prosecution to suppress evidence and sanitize reports which revealed the true murderers in this case.  Without the efforts of all involved in this case, two innocent men would have been murdered by the state of Illinois.  

If you like reading about the weakness in our justice system and the hidden agendas of the investigating officials and prosecuting officials this is a must read.

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From Publisher's Weekly:

In this expose of an astonishing case of legal incompetence, Protess, a professor of journalism and urban affairs at Northwestern University, and Warden, a Chicago freelance investigative journalist, detail the inept police work, perjured testimony and mistakes of defense attorneys that combined to convict four African American males of crimes they did not commit. Childhood friends who grew up in East Chicago, the "Ford Heights Four"-- Dennis Williams, Kenny Adams, Willie Rainge and Verneal Jimerson--were arrested and found guilty of the 1978 double rape and murder of a white couple. Warden, receiving a letter in 1982 from Williams on death row, became persuaded that the convictions were based on tainted evidence and published an article on the case in Chicago Lawyer. Appeals, retrials and other strategies failed to free the men until Protess joined the struggle with three of his students and a team of volunteer lawyers. Their investigation of police files, the use of new forensic technologies and interviews with those connected with the case helped lead to the arrests of the real killers. In 1996 the Ford Heights Four were released. 

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