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Thu 30-May-2002




After three weeks of denying allegations of misconduct in his office, Winnebago County District Attorney Joseph Paulus has gone on the offensive.

On Wednesday, Paulus released a criminal complaint involving Menasha Police Officer Ann Gollner who pointed a police-issued revolver at an Appleton officer in 1988, according to the complaint. The case, which led to reckless use of a weapon charge, was dismissed. 

"This is fact," Paulus said of the case. "This is documented fact. All you’ve heard from them (the accusers) is allegation, rumor and innuendo. I’ve got fact in my hands." 

Gollner twice declined to comment Wednesday.

Paulus said he has also formally asked investigators to probe whether political opponent and former Assistant District Attorney Edmund Jelinski improperly used a police drug-unit recording device to secretly tape their conversations.

Jelinski, who was fired by Paulus two weeks ago, said the counter-allegations against him are flat-out wrong.

"The tapes were made on a micro-cassette recorder that I purchased with my own money," he said. "Honest to God, that’s what happened." Jelinski said he knew it would be wrong to use a law enforcement device for such purposes. 

Paulus said he was "duped" by Gollner and Jelinski – two intra-office political opponents he says are orchestrating a campaign to give him and his career a "black eye."

"I have been the victim of the most vile, filthy politics any person can be subjected to," he said.

Also Wednesday, the Menasha Police Department said it is asking the Green Bay Police Department for assistance in its investigation into a complaint that Gollner overstepped her bounds in interviewing defendants who allegedly paid defense attorneys for reduced charges. Menasha Police Chief Robert Stanke said Wednesday that a liaison from his department will work with Green Bay police on a review of Gollner, removing any possible or perceived conflicts of interest.

The Oshkosh Northwestern has more on this story in Thursday’s edition.

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