The war on crime has gone terribly wrong in America's heartland -- and the unintended casualty of war is innocence....

Mean Justice

By Edward Humes

© 1999 Simon & Schuster

MEAN JUSTICE: A Town's Terror, A Prosecutor's Power, A Betrayal of Innocence (Simon & Schuster; February 19, 1999; $26.00) is a stunning portrait of a California community so obsessed with making itself safe from crime that it has created one of the toughest justice systems in the country -- and, in the process, sent a shocking number of innocent men and women to prison for crimes they did not commit.

Humes' nonfiction account reads like many of the courtroom novels so popular now -- except that Pat Dunn is real, a victim and in prison. ~ New York Daily News

A truly terrifying story, as scary as any work of fiction -- more so, because everything here actually happened.  ~ Booklist

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Click HERE to visit author Edward Humes' website for an update on Pat Dunn's appeals, other wrongful convictions nationally and in Kern County, California, and for more criminal justice resources links.

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