About Mad-Dog Prosecutors:

In the early 1990s, Besicorp, an up-state New York company dedicated to the development of alternative energy sources, was targeted for take-over by corporate raiders. When Besicorp's founder and CEO, Michael Zinn, refused to succumb to their extortionate demands, these men began a campaign of malicious litigation and character assassination designed to instigate a criminal investigation. Indicted and under severe pressure, Zinn plea-bargained and was sentenced to a term in Federal prison for what was at worst a minor and unintentional regulatory breach. MAD-DOG PROSECUTORS gives a chilling account of the vicious methods used to despoil productive corporations and shows in detail how no one, no matter how prominent, public-spirited, or well-positioned, is safe from unfair prosecution. 

A Message from the author, Michael Zinn:

Dedicated to those in America concerned about Freedom. It seems that every day yet another white-collar prosecution makes the headlines. The targets are not just corrupt politicians or mobsters, but business executives and community leaders caught in the grips of a criminal justice system that seems to have gone mad. The fact is, a greater proportion of the population is incarcerated in America than in any other modern society, and many are white-collar first offenders. 

The knock on the door and the arrival of a Grand Jury subpoena spells a drastic change in what was once a life filled with daily routines and preoccupation with the demands of business or family. There are few road signs to follow for those caught up in the Byzantine world of the criminal prosecution. 

I've learned quite a number of harsh lessons along this journey that I'd like to share, both with those who think that something like what happened to me cannot happen to them, and with those who fear for the loss of our constitutional heritage. In doing so, I hope you will be able to look behind the headlines and understand the tragedy that is unfolding in America. 

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