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"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." 
  - Albert Einstein

Legal Studies Master's Degree

Tutor the People

Legal Career Resource Guide

Ned Barnett
Houston, TX Defense Attorney

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

Finn Law Group

Florida * Michigan
Time Share Law

Penzin & Finn Law Group
Former Prosecutors, Your Defenders
Ventura County, CA

knowles law firm
Omaha, Nebraska

Proclaim Justice

ex-offender nation
Ex-Offender Nation is a movement
to stop the "arrest of America"

Top Online Psychology Degrees for 2015

Law Father Attorney Search

Free L-SAT Prep Materials

Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm
Des Moines, Iowa

Innocence Matters
A nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing wrongful
convictions through education, prevention and reform

BonPasse Exoneration Services

Medical Misdiagnosis Research

Godwin Trial & Forensic Consultancy
Expert Forensic Services

"Justice" in Florida's Supreme Court

Eyewitness Expert
Could the witness really see what he thinks he could see?
Eyewitness Identification Expert Dr. Paul Michel could have the answer.

Finding Experts

How do you find experts who are really experts?  How do they get their credentials?
Here's what you need to know before you make decisions that can free -- or condemn -- an innocent person.

Spencer Forensic Resources
Independent, high quality, cost effective forensic DNA consulting services

Friends of Justice

Classified Private Investigation, LLC
Located in Milwaukee, WI, serving clients throughout the Midwest

National Center for Reason and Justice

America's Wrongly Convicted

Online Lawyer Source
Track Wrongful Conviction Bills in California

Stuckle and Ferguson

The False Allegation Law Firm in Plano, Texas


Online Resource Center for the Wrongly Accused

The Innocence Project

(The Barry Scheck-Peter Neufeld DNA one)

Akin Investigations
"An indispensable right hand man."

Texas Criminal Defense Investigators Association

Mississippi Justice
Support and encouragement for those wrongly convicted in Mississippi

Paul J. Ciolino & Associates
"Paul Ciolino is one of America's five best investigators." - Dan Rather, CBS News

Rights Watchdog
Wide range of information and resources - Bookmark this one!

Can You Beat the Polygraph/CVSA?

World Justice
Advocacy groups and class actions

American Family Rights Association
America's Families Tired of Taking a Back Seat to CPS Injustice

Magnum Investigations
Wisconsin Locations - Nationwide Services

Wrongful Death Institute
What you don't know can hurt you

Forensic Tape Analysis
"Tape Tampering" Analysis of Audio and Video Tapes

Relentless Defense
Kevin J. Mahoney, Attorney*Boston, MA

Abuse Excuse
The ultimate weapon is one accusation away.  Are you prepared?

Criminal Profiling
Training, reference and case consultations

Paul M. Masuyama
Specializing in homicide investigations

Search for a Lawyer
Provided by West Legal Directory

Duhaime's Legal Dictionary
Giving the Law back to the people

Legal Engine.Com
The starting point for legal research


The criminal defense practitioner's guide through the internet

Identity Theft
Practical help from an attorney who has been a victim herself

Credit Card and Identity Theft Protection

More Law
(Verdicts and Settlements, plus Links to Resources)

Ace of Ohio Investigations
Intelligent Investigations ~ No Stone Unturned

All Experts - Criminal Law
Marks & Katz
(Featuring a wealth of helpful links)

False Allegations
How to defend against false allegations of sexual assault

Mary Frances Prevost
Criminal Defense Attorney/San Diego, CA

Degrees for Social Justice

Criminal Justice Programs

Master's in Criminal Justice Guide

Ph.D. Programs in Criminal Justice

Careers in Criminal Justice

How to Become a Lawyer

Truth in Justice