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“Inquiry is fatal to certainty.”
         - Will Durant

National Registry of Exonerations
The Cotton Case
Grant Snowden
Susie Mowbray
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
 Bobby Fijnje
Oliver Jovanovic
Lacresha Murray George White
Kerry Max Cook
Gary Staples
Julie Rea
Michael Manning
Terence Garner
Lisl Auman
Cynthia Sommer
Marty Tankleff
Ralph Dewayne Brock
Denise Monk and Howard Fuson
Bob Gondor and Randy Resh
Darrell David Rice
Tonya Craft

The West Memphis 3 are Free!

Marcus Cargle
10th Circuit: Death Sentence and Conviction Overturned
 "Grossly deficient defense attorney and  misconduct by prosecutors"

Truth in Justice