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Missouri police chief, prosecutor say man convicted of 1996 killings is innocent:
‘He didn’t do it and I know he didn’t do it’

by Meg Wagner

November 19, 2016

A Missouri man serving double life sentences for murder is innocent, according to Kansas City’s police commissioner and one of its former prosecutors — but there’s no plan to free him anytime soon.

Ricky Kidd has spent the last 20 years behind bars, even though there’s no physical evidence tying him to the two 1996 killings and witnesses have recanted their stories. But state officials said the window for appeals has passed and insist they’ll only look at new evidence.

“I’m likely going to miss another Thanksgiving; I’m likely going to miss another Christmas,” Kidd told WSHB in a jailhouse interview.

Kidd had hoped the support of Kansas City Police Commissioner Alvin Brooks and former Jackson County prosecutor Cindy Dodge would help his case, but so far a judge has not granted him a new hearing.

Ricky Kidd
Ricky Kidd, currently serving two life sentences for two murders, says he is innocent. (KSHB)

“He is innocent. There’s no question in my mind,” said Dodge, who is now representing Kidd pro-bono. “Ricky didn’t commit these murders.”

She said she was at first skeptical of Kidd’s innocence, but after she started investigating, she believes police and the court locked up the wrong person for the February 1996 killings of George Bryant and Oscar Bridges, who were gunned down inside a home in the middle of the day.

“I’m not going to help someone get out who’s not innocent,” she said.

Cindy Dodge
Former Jackson Couty prosecutor Cindy Dodg is representing Kidd. (KSHB)

Kidd claimed he was at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department with his then-girlfriend at the time of the murders. They were they applying for a gun permit, he said — but Kidd claims his attorney failed to investigate the alibi.

No physical evidence ever showed that Kidd, one of two people convicted in the killings, was at the crime scene. A state witness later changed his story and the other man found guilty of murder swore that Kidd was not a part of the killings.

“He didn’t do it and I know he didn’t do it,” Police Commissioner Brooks told the TV station.

Police Commissioner Brooks
Kansas City Police commissioner Alvin Brook also said Kidd is innocent. (KSHB)

But Missouri Attorney General’s office said Kidd has run out of time to appeal the two-decade-old conviction. The office said it would be happy to investigate new evidence — but Kidd’s claims, backed by the prosecutor and the police chief, don’t bring up any new facts.

“They’re not even arguing that I’m not innocent,” Kidd said.

That means Kidd will stay behind bars. His former girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time of the killings, had to raise their daughter on her own, and Kidd said he’s fearful of missing even more family time in the future.

But he insisted his case isn’t just about him.

“I think people should be frustrated,” Kidd said. “Any time the wrong person is in prison that means the right person is free to roam the community.”

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