Justice Blind?
Ideals and Realities of American Criminal Justice


Matthew B. Robinson

As you might guess from the title, Justice Blind? examines the ideals AND realities of the American criminal justice system.  Although each of the main components of the system (police, courts, and corrections) has its own goals, author Matthew B. Robinson argues that the system as a whole is aimed at doing justice and reducing crime. 

Proceeding from this assumption, Robinson explores how well our nation's criminal justice system meets its goals.  Research illustrates exactly how and why our system fails to achieve justice and effectively reduce crime.  The book chapters dealing with bias in the law-making process, the role of the media in promoting stereotypes about crime, the role of race, class, and gender in criminal justice processing, the war on drugs, & the death penalty. 

The book concludes with 50 recommendations for changing the direction of criminal justice so that our system will be more just and effective at reducing crime.

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