Brothers' story led to Rosenthal's resignation

February 18, 2008

By Courtney Zubowski

HOUSTON -- What happened inside the Ibarra home in southeast Houston eventually led to what happened in a courthouse six years later: Chuck Rosenthal's resignation.

“My favorite show got interrupted and it said Rosenthal resigned. What? Whoa, that went quick,” Erik Ibarra said.

Quick, because just hours earlier the Ibarra brothers and their attorney, Lloyd Kelly, announced that they were filing a second lawsuit asking for Rosenthal to be removed from office.

They filed their first lawsuit four years ago against four Harris County Sheriff’s deputies.

Six years ago, the brothers were arrested on charges of resisting arrest after they videotaped a drug raid at their neighbor’s home.

The brothers claim their civil rights were violated, and they don’t believe Rosenthal did anything to investigate their claims.

“I was taught if you wrong someone, you can own up to it and you apologize and you try to do something to make it right. And he didn’t do that. We don’t feel that office did that,” Ibarra said.

Ibarra, his brother, Sean, and their mother, Marie, were all witnesses that day in January of 2002.

Marie believes they could have all been shot and killed.

“It has snowballed. We didn’t expect the snowball. It’s been one snowball and all we wanted was our day in court,” she said.
It’s a day they’re still waiting for.

Their civil rights case has been postponed again because of a last-minute request to remove the judge who was supposed to hear the case.

They say they’ll continue to fight even if it takes another six years.

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