Accounts of Crime Sharply Differ
Graphics by Wisconsin State Journal

  There's no dispute that UW-Madison student Shanna Van Dyn Hoven died by the side of Plank Road in Kaukauna on June 25, 2000.  The 19-year-old was stabbed to death while jogging by a quarry near her family's home.
  There's also no question Ken Hudson was with Van Dyn Hoven before her death, and that the gravely injured woman spent some time in his battered 1985 Chevy pick-up truck.  Hudson fled the scene, everyone agrees, leading police on a 16-mile chase from Kaukauna to Greenville.  After that, the prosecution and defense version of the crime differ sharply.

Prosecution Says
Defense Says
Hudson was lying in wait for someone to attack after arguing with his mother and girlfriend.

Hudson was on Plank Road to inspect a roofing job.
Hudson stabbed and tried to abduct Van Dyn Hoven.

Hudson tried to help the woman after she ran from the nearby woods covered in blood.  She sat briefly in his truck but fled when a retired police sergeant's son, David Carnot, ran from the woods carrying a rake.

Hudson tried to run over Carnot and drove off to avoid arrest for Van Dyn Hoven's murder.

Hudson feared Carnot would attack him. Hudson fled police because he had a revoked license, marijuana in his pocket and had been drinking.

Hudson's leg, chest and hands were covered with blood as police pulled him from his truck.

Outagamie County Sheriff's Department
Hudson's left foot and leg after his arrest.

Police poured and smeared a red substance on Hudson as he sat in a police car.  One test found animal blood on his left foot; a later test found only Hudson's DNA.
Hudson tossed the murder weapon on the floor of his truck.  The blood on the knife was Van Dyn Hoven's.

Outagamie County Sheriff's Department
The alleged murder weapon.
Police planted the bloody knife in his truck.  The knife had no fingerprints and there was no blood on the floor of the truck.  At least one vial of the victim's blood is unaccounted for.
Hudson's bid for a new trial is based on false allegations of a police frame-up.

Police and prosecutors withheld and tampered with evidence, including police communications that contain virtually no mention of the crime or the 16-mile chase.

State Crime Laboratory
A State Crime Laboratory drawing shows no blood--as indicated by red--on the steering wheel or gear shift, nor on the driver's side floor of Hudson's truck--calling into question the state's contention that Hudson's hands were covered with blood as he fled and that he threw a blood-covered knife near the brake and gas  pedals of his truck.

Innocent Imprisoned
Police/Prosecutor Misconduct
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