Highlights of
The National Conference on Wrongful Conviction 
and the Death Penalty
Northwestern University Law Center
Chicago, Illinois
November 13 - 15, 1998
Brought together by the vision and organizing skills of Lawrence C. Marshall, a Northwestern University law professor, hundreds gathered for three days in the chill of November in Chicago to examine wrongful conviction -- the prosecution, imprisonment and yes, execution of wholly innocent men and women.  We present here some of the highlights of that historic gathering, beginning with media reports. 
Freed Inmates
Tips for Wrongly Convicted
Center Stage
Justice Defiled
Signs of Innocence

"I attended the national conference with my friend, Larry Randal Padgett, whose death penalty was overturned, and who was found "Not Guilty" at retrial.  (We are from the state of Alabama.)  The conference was quite an emotional experience.  I feel that being able to see others who had survived the "death row" experience helped Randal.  I have seen the impact on Illinois. I'd truly like to see AL become aware that innocent people ARE on death row and in prison. I pray that restoration will come to ALL who have suffered at the hands of injustice.  Being out of prison does not guarantee FREEDOM, nor does it guarantee that life will ever be the same.  Only God can restore all that has been taken away--family, friends, reputations, employment opportunities.  Larry Marshall and his staff were wonderful.  The weekend was a tremendous effort on their part and Randal and I appreciate everything that was done in his behalf. We still believe to see the fruit of all their labor multiplied back to help others who desperately need someone in their corner.  Thanks, Larry, and Michele Kunitz."  ~ Brenda Massingill & Larry Randal Padgett 

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