A New Book Asks an Old Question

Fatal Justice:
Reinvestigating the MacDonald Murders
Jerry Allen Potter, with Fred Bost

© 1995 W. W.Norton & Company

Errol Morris, director of "The Thin Blue Line": 

    Fatal Justice asks and answers many of the central questions in the case: What is the real evidence against Jeffrey MacDonald? Why was he charged with the crime? And why, if he is innocent, was he convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment? Potter and Bost have done something rare and truly impressive. They have written a detailed story of what Edgar Allan Poe has called a 'wilderness of error,' an excursion into the ultimate Twilight Zone epic of an innocent man unable to get anyone to listen. After reading this book, you can draw your own conclusions. But it establishes one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt: Jeffrey MacDonald did not receive a fair trial - - not in the court of public opinion or in the courts themselves.

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