Committing Journalism, In the Hat and 
The Diswasher

Dannie Martin

Dannie Martin was not wrongfully convicted.  But he tells us -- eloquently -- of the dehumanization of prison life that erodes the soul.

Excerpts from Committing Journalism:
It's easy for a judge to say "20 years" or "30 years." It takes only a few seconds to declare. It's also easy for the person in the street to say: "Well, this criminal has harmed society and should be locked up for a long time."

The public is unable to imagine what the added time does to a convict and what it does to his family.

Two years is a lot of time. Twenty or 30 years is a Mount Everest of time, and very few can climb it. And what happens to them on the way up makes one not want to be around if and when they return.

- Dannie Martin

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