Posted June 05, 2002 

Statement of Connie Christensen to investigator Ann Gollner

On Aug. 6, 1999, I was arrested for OWI. Within approximately one week I went to Milton Schierland’s office in Neenah. Milton had represented me in a past OWI case in Appleton.

 In the past case, I had paid a $500 retainer fee and maybe an additional $250 for costs. All the meetings were in his office and paperwork was filled out.

 When I went to his office for the arrest in August of 1999 we discussed the case. Milton said he would see what he could do because some favors were owed to him in Winnebago County — something to the effect that he knew people in high places. I didn’t fill out any paperwork or pay any fees.

 A couple days later, Milton Schierland called me back. He said he talked to some people that owed him favors and that he was 98 percent sure he could get me off because he could pull some strings. He told me for $5,000 he could get me off of this. He said there would be no jail time or assessment, or anything on my record.

 He also told me that he didn’t want me to call the office or discuss anything with the receptionist. He told me to bring the cash to his house. He wanted cash, not a check.

 I borrowed the money from my grandmother. I went to Milton Schierland’s house during the first part of September, 1999. It was in the morning and no one else was home. I thought it was shady that he wanted cash and that I had to come to his house. I did it because I trusted him.

 I think I went to court in December of 1999, or November of 1999. I was out in the hall with Milton when (Winnebago County Dist. Atty.) Joe Paulus pulled him aside. Previously Milton had told me when I got to court that things had worked about getting me off, chances looked great.

 After Joe Paulus talked to Milt, he went into the courtroom. I don’t think anyone was in the courtroom because everyone was waiting in the hall. Joe Paulus came out in the hall with a file. He handed the file to Milton Schierland.

 We went into the courtroom. We had waited a while before we went in. When we went in other people were in the courtroom. Joe Paulus wasn’t in the courtroom.

 The case was called. The assistant DA that was there said the file was missing. It was agreed that the case was going to be dismissed. Milton and I left the courtroom. We were by the back entrance of the courthouse. Milton told me that I was very lucky. He said I might get a fine for reckless driving but he wasn’t sure. I asked him if I would get something in the mail. I never received anything. I never filled out any paperwork with Milton Schierland at any time during this case.

 After the court case, I felt shocked about what I saw. I thought “I guess money can buy anything.” I felt relieved yet disgusted. I was never asked to pay a retainer to Milton Schierland. It was my understanding that the $5,000 cash was to make this all go away.

 Milton Schierland had put the file that Joe Paulus had given him in his briefcase in the hallway. He never said anything when the assistant DA said the file was missing.

 I have always felt bad about what had happened. I agreed to talk to Ann Gollner (Menasha police officer formerly assigned to the Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office as domestic abuse investigator) about this because I don’t think crooked people should be in the district attorney’s office.

 This statement was written by Ann Gollner as dictated by me. It is true and accurate. I’m giving this statement freely and voluntarily.

 Connie Christensen


Police report in Connie Christensen arrest


08/06/99 03:45 HOURS SGT. J. ZIMMERMAN W16 99-11721 

While on routine patrol, I was W/B (westbound) on Witzel Ave. near Eagle St. in the City of Oshkosh. Just after going through that intersection, I noticed a black sport utility vehicle approaching me E/B on Witzel Ave. The black vehicle was in the left most E/B lane and it then crossed over the center line of Witzel Ave. while approximately 100 feet ahead of my squad car. I pulled to my right to avoid any contact with this vehicle. After allowing the black sport utility vehicle to go past, along with a 2nd vehicle that was also E/B, I did turn my squad car around and began to catch up to the black sport utility vehicle. The black vehicle turned onto Durfee Ave. and stopped at the stop sign at Knapp St. At this point I was able to catch up to the vehicle and the vehicle was identified as a 1995 Jeep, black in color, with Wis. Sesquicentennial Plate S3712T. The black Jeep went south on Knapp St. I followed it and noticed that it once again crossed over the center line of Knapp St. before coming to a stop at the intersection of Knapp St. and 9th Ave. Because the black Jeep was in the left turn lane, I did not stop the vehicle until it was on E/B 9th Ave. approaching Georgia St. 

I activated my red and blue emergency lights and the black Jeep did pull over within a block of the lights being activated. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Connie L. Christensen, F/W, 06/25/72, 423 W. 14th Ave., Oshkosh, WI, 54902, (phone number). Connie Christensen is also the registered owner of the black Jeep. Christensen was identified from her valid Wis. picture driver’s license which she had in her hand and ready for me as I approached her vehicle. 

The first thing I noticed was that Christensen’s speech was somewhat slurred. I also noticed that her eyes were glassy looking and I could detect a faint odor of an alcoholic beverage on Christensen’s breath. I identified myself as an officer with the Sheriff’s Dept. and asked Christensen several questions. She stated she was on her way home and that she was coming from Victoria’s where she is employed, which is a bar/restaurant in Appleton, WI. Christensen denied consuming any alcoholic beverage this past evening. I asked her again if she had been drinking anything and she again stated “No.” I then told her to shut the engine off on her vehicle and that I would check her driver’s license out and get right back to her. 

I found out that Christensen did have a valid Wis. driver’s license. I returned to her vehicle and had her step out and told her that I wished her to perform several field sobriety tests. I had Christensen stand between my squad car and her black Jeep, facing her Jeep so as not to be facing the flashing lights of my squad car. 

The first test performed was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus or HGN. Christensen was wearing contact lenses and all 6 clues were detected from the HGN Test.

 The second test was the One Legged Stand and Christensen began the test properly but did sway from side to side to maintain balance and also put her foot down to maintain her balance prior to the end of the test. 

The third test was the Walk and Turn Test. Christensen was not able to maintain the proper position while listening to the directions for this test. She was not able to take all the steps heel to toe. She did an improper turn on the test and she also used her arms to maintain her balance. 

The results of these tests indicated that Christensen was under the influence of alcohol. 

An Oshkosh Police Officer stopped at my location and allowed me to use a portable breathalyzer test on Christensen. The reported value of the PBT was .18 (legal limit is .10). 

I placed Christensen under arrest for operating an automobile while intoxicated. I placed handcuffs on Christensen’s wrist behind her back and safety locked the handcuffs after checking the tightness of the handcuffs. I placed Christensen in the back seat of my squad car and transported her to Mercy Medical Center for a legal blood test. While at the hospital, Connie Christensen was able to make contact with her mother, Sandra Christensen, F/W, 10/07/48 of 3128 Cutter Ct., Oshkosh, WI, 54904, (phone number). Sandra Christensen agreed to come down and sign the release form and take responsibility for Connie Christensen after the blood test procedure. 

I issued Connie Christensen a State citation for operating an automobile while under the influence, 3rd offense, Statute 346.63(1) (A). The citation number is Z326908-1 in the amount of $750.00. I read Christensen the Informing the Accused form and Christensen agreed to submit to the blood test. I issued Christensen the pink copy of the Informing the Accused, filled out the necessary blood test paperwork and then waited for the lab to come and draw the blood. 

I then filled out and did not issue the Notice of Intent to Suspend form, as well as the Alcohol Influence Report. Christensen agreed to waive her rights and agreed to answer the questions on the Alcohol Influence Report. 

The lab person then drew the legal blood and Christensen was then turned over to her mother, Sandra Christensen, after filling out the Driver Release Form. 

Connie Christensen’s keys were also turned over to her mother, Sandra Christensen. 

The blood test kit was sealed and given back to me by the technician and I then turned it over to Off. Brewer W24 who delivered it to the United States Post Office for mailing to Madison after proper postage was affixed. 

The second citation, State citation Z326909-2, was filled out for operating an auto with prohibited alcohol content (PAC), but was not issued at this time pending the blood test results. No further information.

John Maloney
Police/Prosecutor Misconduct