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January 12, 2003

Paulus’ new job with Boyle is no surprise

Joe Paulus joining Gerald Boyle's law practice was no surprise. It was presaged in Boyle's preprimary letter to the Northwestern in support of Paulus.

After denouncing Edmund Jelinski's handling of a case defended by Boyle that was still in the trial court, Boyle wrote, "I trust that your county will not consider voting for someone, especially a lawyer, who taped another lawyer, or anyone for that matter. He can try and justify it, but any way you cut it, it is reprehensible conduct." It struck many readers as bizarre that Boyle would find Jelinski's taping "reprehensible" but hold in high esteem the lawyer who taped Boyle's own client, John Maloney, in a murder investigation.

With their conduct in the Maloney case and other cases under investigation by several agencies, it seems natural for them to circle their wagons together.

What did surprise me was Boyle's sua sponte statement that "any assertion [by the "Maloney camp"] that he and Paulus were in cahoots three years ago is bordering on slander."

No one in the "Maloney camp" has ever made such an assertion. Boyle himself, and Boyle alone, made the allegation against himself and his latest partner.

It brings to mind H. L. Mencken's observation: "It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place."

@TX N Letters name, town-d:Sheila Berry Richmond, Va., via Internet

(Editors note: Sheila Berry is a former victim/witness coordinator with the Winnebago County District Attorney’s office.)

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